Ово је портфолио Соње Шумоња

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Банализација науке

Из пера једног наставника

Сећам се када је било популарно и међу наставницима наука и међу факултетским професорима да се свако поједностављивање назове „банализацијом науке“. Наука не може да буде банална. И не треба да буде тешка. Она треба да буде занимљива (као што и јесте) и да буде разумљива. Да ли је баш увек тако?

Бигз школски портал: Ко је бољи? Део други. (4.7.2017)


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Šta je to podeljena pažnja?


Podeljena pažnja (multitasking) predstavlja mogućnost da se odgovori na više zadataka istovremeno. Možemo je definisati i kao sposobnost našeg mozga da istovremeno vodi računa o dva različita stimulansa, i da odgovori na različite zahteve iz našeg okruženja. Ova kognitivna veština je vrlo važna, jer nam omogućava da budemo efikasniji u svakodnevnom životu.
Naša sposobnost da posvetimo pažnju različitim stimulansima i da obavljamo više radnji istovremeno je ograničena. Naime, kada podelimo svoju pažnju, efikasnost obavljanja različitih radnji se smanjuje, te ih samim time lošije obavljamo. Ipak, treningom mozga poput programa Mentalne aritmetike možemo poboljšati podeljenu pažnju i sposobnost obavljana više radnji istovremeno.
Poznato je da je Mentalna aritmetika najbolji trening za mozak! Vežbajući na računaljci abakus, a potom i trenirajući brzo računanje napamet putem specijalne Anzan platforme, polaznici školice Malac Genijalac razvijaju podeljenu pažnju i druge kognitivne veštine. Ovi treninzi se zasnivaju na tkz. “ plastičnosti mozga “ (neuroplastičnosti). Naime mozak…

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What a Mathematician should visit – project

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Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

As you probably know already I am trying to get extra organized for the summer and I was wondering if you want to see something similar to the old posts: What a Mathematician should visit? I used to write these posts mostly 2 summers ago and I also made a short magazine about this: MathTravel. For this post I wanted to remind you about this project and see if you have any ideas for future posts.

New Skitchhty

What a Mathematician can see in London – was the first post on this topic and I wanted to present some of great sculptures which are related to mathematics and can be found in London. The post doesn’t cover all of them, but I think that a London tour to see all those things would go perfectly with other attractions London has.

What a Mathematician should visit in London – refers to…

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What a Mathematician should visit in Glasgow

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Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

Summer and sunny days are finally here, maybe not much in Scotland but still. I thought that this summer I will post more of this type of blog posts. To continue the mini-series (see What a Mathematician should visit – project) I will start with a city from Scotland – Glasgow. Though this is not the city I live in, it is a great place to visit if you are into mathematics like myself.

The first on the list is the Glasgow Science Center due to their great amount of mathematical and logic puzzles. If you want to spend some time enjoying and solving some great puzzles that is the best places. Also, the Center has a lot of technology and science related things which are very interesting. What I like the most about the place is the fact that they use practical things to explain concepts (puzzles, interactive…

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What a Mathematician should visit in London

Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

Heyyy!!! I am really happy, cause the first thing that happened when I open WordPress was a big notification about my stats are booming!!! And WoooOOooWww! they are… Thank you so very much, I am so excited to see that you like and read some of my posts, thank you very much. So, lets start the actual post…

I just started this Traveling section a while ago, but I did not post anything else. But I have to say that it is the most time consuming of all my posts, because even if I visited a lot of cities I also need to spend a lot of time properly Google almost everything, and I am sure that you know that this is really time consuming. So, last time I did a post about What a Mathematician can SEE in London, and it is mostly about some nice statues. This…

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