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What a Mathematician should visit in Stuttgart

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Life Through A Mathematician's Eyes

June is just a couple of days away and the holiday season is not an excuse to forget about math. I know that summer is the time when we forget about school, but for me it is also the time to visit a little more and see how cities around the world embrace the beauty of math. So, with this idea in mind, lets see what a math-lover can visit in Stuttgart, Germany:

1. First of all Stuttgart the city and region has a lot of technology and industry related museums, which is great. Thus, you can choose the ones you think are more related to you. If you ask me a technology or industry related museum should never be omitted from your list because mathematics is at the base of evolution. Kärcher Museum in Winnenden takes you in the journey through the development of cleaning technology and the over…

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Аутор: portfoliosonjasumonja

У Електротехничкој школи "Никола Тесла" у Нишу предајем Математику већ дуги низ година. Уместо да пишем, гледаћете слике, које говоре боље од хиљаду речи! А мој најбољи портфолио су моји ученици!

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